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Week 8

Topic 1:
When reviewing the list of challenged and removed books, I was shocked to see Captain Underpants, and Scary Stories on the list. I grew up reading Captain Underpants and even as an adult I don't understand the problem with that book. As far as Scary Stories go I was shocked because of the fact that I don't see that as a problem either. I think of the book series as one that many families read together and are able to use as campfire stories. I don't see Scary Stories as any worse than Goosebumps, which was not on the list. As I continued through the list I was able to understand why Fifty Shades of Grey could be challenged. I have read that as an adult and I would not want my child reading that at a younger age. I was again shocked to see Little Bill (series) on the list for the only reason that there are allegations against the author. The series itself has nothing to do with the authors personal life, it is something that children are able to relate to. I watche…
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Blog Project #2: Media Product Review

Hey All! This week I am going to be talking about music. To be more specific I am going to be talking about a YouTuber named Jonathan Young. Let me introduce what he does.
Jonathan Young is a YouTuber that does covers of music, but not just singing it on his own as the songs are originally written. He does complete renditions of the songs he and his followers choose. He takes a song from one genre and is able to give it such a twist it now belongs to a different genre of music. For instance the song I will be talking about is his newest released video, "Immortals" by Fallout Boy. (Jonathan Young "Immortals") Fallout Boy would fall under the punk genre of music, but once Jonathan does what he does best, it now can be considered a pop song. I chose to talk about Jonathan's cover of "Immortals" because the song is from the movie Big Hero 6. I am a big fan of the movie and what it stands for. What Jonathan does is he takes most any Disney song and h…

Week 6

Topic 1:

When it comes to daily news I do not really partake in it. I get my news from Facebook and word of mouth. I don't find news very important in my day to day life even though I probably should. I read articles from facebook and I use my background knowledge from various classes on how to tell if it is reliable or bogus. If I am really interested in the topic I come across then I research it on google and try to see if I find articles that support the one I found on social media.

I am not subscribed to any type of news publication. I choose not to be because I find it hard to determine what is real and what is fake or bias. Most news outlets are skewed one way or another and I don't exactly want bias news. I don't think it is worth paying for news when you can find free news online, on social media, and even on tv. I mainly just choose not to partake in news in the first place, I find that most news that is reported is extremely negative and I don't want to read …

Week 5

Topic 1:
My concern for copyright or limits on creativity is how can people have the freedom to be creative and use others work as examples or inspiration without it interfering with the copyright laws? I find it to be difficult for many people who use materials as inspiration to not be put in a binding position. They tend to list what they used as inspiration or discuss it and they always have to make it clear that they do not own the rights to anything. To me that is troubling to have to go through every time a person wants to be creative.

To me I think that politicians go too far when exercising freedom of press since during their candidacies they tend to dig up every negative possible thing about their competitor they possibly can and they put it out to the public only to better themselves.

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Blog Project #1

I chose to use topic #2 about television. I chose to use an episode of Fuller House on Netflix. I chose this because it is a spin off of one of my favorite childhood shows, Full House. I watched Episode 11 of season 2, "DJ and Kimmy's High School Reunion". I watched it on Wednesday July 19. This series falls under the category of situation comedy. The main characters are DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy Gibbler, and their three kids. The episode mainly takes place at DJ and Kimmy's 20 year high school reunion. It bounces between the high school and home where Stephanie is babysitting the kids. At the reunion Kimmy has an embarrassing moment like she did while in high school during her senior year. DJ is having conflicting emotions about her love triangle she has with her old boyfriend and her current boyfriend. At home with Stephanie she is trying to explain and show that all the kids are special in their own ways and that grades in school do not define you as a person. Accordin…

Week 3

Topic 1:

I chose to use Facebook to search for the Adidas brand. On their Facebook page "adidas Original" company page they have thousands of photos showing the various products they are promoting during a certain time. Most of the photos are of the shoes at different angles but as I was going through them I noticed that they are reaching to all ages since they have a children clothing line that they are advertising. They have a list of events that the company is holding such as their upcoming event that is a Photo Lab where they will be using Polaroid cameras to show various techniques to use on Polaroid photographs. On their Facebook page they also have access to their Instagram page. Both the photos and the link are provided for easy access. The biggest promotion on the page is that "original is never finished." This is the cover photo, has featured videos on the page and the most recent posts have to do with that catch phrase.

From how the page does their adver…

Week 2

Topic 1: 
I signed up for Twitter this week and decided to follow Ellen DeGeneres, The Washington Post and Bernie Sanders. I chose Ellen DeGeneres because to me she is a wonderful role model for all people and she is very inspiring. I enjoy watching her television show and I find her funny so I thought she would be a great person to start following. I chose The Washington Post because even though I do not like to get into political debates with my peers I do like to keep up to date on what is happening in our government. I then chose to follow Bernie Sanders because I wanted to understand more of what he was about when he was running for presidency.

The best tweet I have seen so far would be from Ellen that had an adorable picture of twin baby girls with the caption,"I believe children are our future." I really enjoyed this because I couldn't agree more. I absolutely adore children and I see them as the future of our nation and our future families. They are so important.