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Blog Project #2: Media Product Review

Hey All! This week I am going to be talking about music. To be more specific I am going to be talking about a YouTuber named Jonathan Young. Let me introduce what he does.
Jonathan Young is a YouTuber that does covers of music, but not just singing it on his own as the songs are originally written. He does complete renditions of the songs he and his followers choose. He takes a song from one genre and is able to give it such a twist it now belongs to a different genre of music. For instance the song I will be talking about is his newest released video, "Immortals" by Fallout Boy. (Jonathan Young "Immortals") Fallout Boy would fall under the punk genre of music, but once Jonathan does what he does best, it now can be considered a pop song. I chose to talk about Jonathan's cover of "Immortals" because the song is from the movie Big Hero 6. I am a big fan of the movie and what it stands for. What Jonathan does is he takes most any Disney song and he transforms it. That is his biggest selling point. Literally even, he has cd's for sale of his covers of Disney songs. He makes his music stand out for the quality of his voice, the actually music videos he creates with the new rendition of the song, and the fact that he takes beloved Disney classic songs and turns them into something you never want to turn off.
As far as describing Jonathan goes I may sound like a fan, which I am. He is very talented in the music industry. He has been on YouTube since September 27, 2012 and he has 610,069 subscribers and 112,898,683 total views since his first day. ( He is an independent music artist with many talents, he does have a few songs that he has written, and he produces all of his own videos. He is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. (Jonathan's Facebook Page and Bio) Jonathan has done a cover of Backstreet Boy "Larger than Life" and turned it Metal. He covered Taylor Swift's song, "22" and turned it punk. He has covered Disney classics such as Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, and Jungle Book (just to list a few). His first video he ever put out on youtube dates to June 1, 2013 and is an original Jonathan Young song called "If This Ship Sinks" If This Ship Sinks.
It isn't hard for me to analyze Jonathan. I listen to his music daily in the first place so being able to go back and view his original work from the beginning is amazing. When looking at "Immortals" and comparing the video to one of his own original pieces of music such as "If This Ship Sinks" it is easy to see how much he has grown and developed as a true artist. Immortals is like several of his other songs because of the fact that he has done covers of other punk songs and turned them pop and vice versa. He does a great job at being able to take one genre and transform it into the total opposite. Such as he did with the song "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from The Little Mermaid and he turned it Metal. (Poor Unfortunate Souls)
I think that this kind of music is extremely important in today's society. Music is such a huge outlet of self expression and creativity. With how Jonathan turns some songs to a different genre it can make it more enjoyable for some listeners and even more relateable for them. I personally think that stereotypes are almost impossible to find with his videos because of the fact that he touches on so many different genres of music. He does not stay on one side of the music spectrum. I get the feeling that the targeted audience is millennials since they are the ones that grew up listening to the  music that he does covers of.
I personally do not find a weakness in Jonathan's music. I do see that his strengths are the ability to grow with his music and his ability to accommodate to a larger audience. The music videos are well created and he is able to work with others in collaboration to create his music. In the "Immortals" cover he collaborates with another youtubet by the name of Jordan Sweeto. His ability to work with others is a good sign because he is then able to expand his viewer base and hopefully get even further with his career. I find his music extremely memorable, I usually listen to him at least once a day and i end up singing his covers while at work or on my own.
Before doing this post on Jonathan I was a big fan already and enjoyed listening to his music. Now that I have done more research on how far he has come I am in the process of buying his Disney cover CD's and merchandise. I also now follow him on Facebook where before I did not. My boyfriend was the one to actually introduce me to Jonathan's music and I now share it with my family since they all love Disney as well. When I was reading the comments on his videos it seemed as though there were only positive comments and support for his music.
Wrapping it up:
With doing this post and research I learned more about where Jonathan started and that he has his own original music and not just covers. I strongly encourage people to look him up on YouTube and see what he has to offer.


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